DeClutter Thursday

Thursdays seem to be getting closer and closer to each other. I just realized that I have blogged nothing since last week’s DeClutter post. For shame.

I tackled another scary clutter zone this week: THE BATHROOM CLOSET. We don’t even go into our bathroom closet on a daily basis; we have a medicine cabinet and a little sideboard cabinet in the bathroom itself where we keep the daily use stuff. But, as closets tend to be, our bathroom closet has been a catch-all for years. Due to the scariness, I made sure to have sweet parting words with Mr. before I really got into it:

Me: the garnier fructis super stiff gel, in the tube – am i right that you dont like that, so i can throw it away?
Mister: yeah
Mister: working on that closet?
Me: yep
Mister: Brave
Me: remember that i have always loved you
Mister: lol

Here’s where I started:

It was so scary that I was having some troubles holding the camera steady, as you’ll see. Sorry. Anyway, all I could do was just jump in and start making quick decisions. I filled up two trash bags VERY quickly, just from the bottom two shelves and the floor. I found so many tubes and jars and bottles of stuff and gunk and goop, it was crazy. If I hadn’t used it in the past 6 months, then it went in the trash…unless it was smell-good girly stuff like shower gels and lotions, because those last FOREVER. Once I had gone through and trashed all that needed to be trashed, this is what I was left with:

You can see from the camera tremor that I was near the point of collapse. Luckily, I had Chloe and Max nearby for support.

It was also at this point that I made an executive decision to ignore the top two shelves for now. Those are for actual bath linens, which I desperately need to replace, so that will be another post, another time.

Then I started grouping things and stuff as logically as I could. I had also grabbed a few spare baskets, plus there were quite a few baskets already in the closet, so I was set for holding groups as needed. I went ahead and used the bottom shelf for all the cleaning supplies and such…then the next shelf up for girly gels and lotions and whatnot, as well as stuff we only need when we’re traveling. On the shelf above that, I pulled together things like Q Tips, cotton balls, bandaids, yada yada, as well as a basket of small appliances that I wanted to keep, like curling irons, etc. The most interesting discovery was the vast number of Proactiv items that were lurking in the closet. I used Proactiv faithfully way back in the day, and just eventually moved on to other products, and cancelled my order. However, during the years I used it, I would go through the cleansers and toners WAY faster than I would the Repairing Lotion…and so this is what I was left with:

…and I found two more bottles after I took that pic. I did suck it up and throw most of those out – I kept the one cleanser, the three toners, and 4 of the lotions, just because it IS good stuff, and it’s always good to mix in some different skin care routines here and there, right?

Finally, it’s all organized and basket-ed, and it looks like this:

A close up of the main shelves:

Maybe someday we’ll replace the shelf paper and give the whole thing a fresh coat of paint. However, for now: ta da!


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