DeClutter Thursday

I’ll be honest. I was this close [ ] to canceling DeClutter Thursday again this week. It’s a terribly dreary day, and I kinda just want to nap. BUT, I powered through and did some decluttering – nothing fancy or exciting, though, but an accomplishment, nonetheless!

Since I completed my closet a few weeks ago, I knew that I needed to tackle my armoire, too, for a full wardrobe decluttering. That’s what I did today:

To be clear, that picture is the ‘before’. The armoire is pretty much all t shirts, tank tops, shorts…stuff that is mostly NOT fit for public appearances. These are my “no one will see me today except the dogs” items. This decluttering went pretty quick; I didn’t try anything on like I did with my closet. This was just quick yes/no decisions as I went. Those decisions left me with this:

Yay! Still not especially inspiring, but I feel a lot better knowing exactly what’s in there now…including a comfy pair of knit lounge pants that I do not recall purchasing. It’s fascinating, the things I find. Ooh, I also found my Jerome Bettis jersey, which is not at all flattering on me, BUT I have to keep it. He’s The Bus!

With the decluttering behind me, it’s still a terribly dreary day outside. So I leave you all with some hope for spring to get here soon!

*image via Nate Kay on Flickr


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