Yes, we have no bananas.

Well, hi there. I’ve been kinda AFK for the past week or so – I had a super awesome amazing house guest coming in town, so I was all aflutter in preparation. That also means that I totally skipped a DeClutter Thursday. FOR SHAME. However, if you need your fix – and who doesn’t? – check out this post over at Thrifty Decor Chick for hundreds of links to other decluttering posts…and check out Delightfully Organized for a bunch of Declutter Challenges! I’ll be back at it this Thursday – promise!

In the meantime, I made something. This is a “recipe” (you’ll understand the quotes in a sec) that I’ve wanted to try for a while now. My first challenge was that it requires a food processor, at least the way it was done over at Our Best Bites. I have never had a food processor, like ever. I’ve said many times that I needed to get one…just never did. UNTIL…like, a month or so ago. Yay! It’s been sitting in my decluttered downstairs closet until today, when I finally pulled it all out, read the manual, and figured out which whatsits go in which whosits and all that rot.

THAT, my friends, leads us to —- ONE INGREDIENT ICE CREAM!

Frozen bananas. That’s it. I cut some up and froze them about, oh….6 weeks ago? That’s probably too long to wait before using them, but eh – who’s it gonna hurt? So I pulled them out of the freezer and threw them in my shiny new food processor:

They were kind of ice crystal-y, but I’m stubborn. So I started whirring away…and whirring…and whirring…this thing is LOUD. Chloe was concerned:

It took a few minutes to get to the crumbly phase that I was expecting, but I did eventually get there.

I kept whirring a little longer…finally, when the whirring seemed to have no further effect, I started smushing it around with my spatula and TA DA! It became ice cream-ish! It’s like magic.

I added a little chocolate syrup because…well, because it’s chocolate. The bananas were very ice cream-like in texture…they were a little slimy, as bananas tend to be, and that may have been because I let them sit in the freezer for so long. Either way, though, it was pretty yummy, and really not hard to make at all. I’m a complete ice cream fanatic, so maybe this is a good alternative every now and then – it’s gotta be healthier, and it does satisfy that “mmm ice cream is good” part of my brain. Yay! \o/


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