DeClutter complete!

Alright…it is done. I showed you my midway progress yesterday, and now I can proudly show you the final (kinda boring, really) results! Yay for results!

I put away my clean laundry, so there’s a little bit more clothing in there now, but otherwise the closet is pretty much in the same state that you saw yesterday. But the closet FLOOR isn’t!

Ohhhh yeahhhh. Here’s a funny thing: that hat box contained a sweater that was clearly a gift that I do not at all remember receiving. Tags still on, sweater still folded. I’m pretty sure that hat box has been on the closet floor for about 6 years. Go, me.

So, to sum up – we went from this:

to this:


The best thing I found in there – besides a few awesome Fossil tins – was my old jewelry box which contains my high school class ring and the ruby ring that Mr. gave me way back when, even before we were engaged. They’re a tad small for me now, but I will still keep them forever!

Happy weekend to everyone!


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