DeClutter Thursday [dramatic music]

Ohhi. This week is another multi-part decluttering…and I even started on Wednesday. Yeah. This week it’s the [insert dramatic music again ohmygah like really dramatic] MASTER BEDROOM CLOSET.

My house is blessed with two walk-in closets for the master bedroom, which is awesome. So I’m only tackling my closet – Mr. is on his own.

Now, please understand – I am not proud of this:


I pulled everything out from the racks and the upper shelves. I tried a lot of stuff on to remember how it actually looks. I did a pretty thorough job of filling up the Goodwill pile with anything that:

  • doesn’t fit, whether too big or too small
  • might fit but just really doesn’t flatter, now that I look at it again
  • maybe fits, maybe looks alright, but is quite old and I haven’t even worn it in the past 3 years (exception: my nice office pants that still fit, still flatter – I’m not going into an office right now, but I’ll keep some of it in case I have a sudden need for office wear.)
  • maybe fits, maybe looks okay, maybe I have worn it in the past 3 years…but only like once, and I know that I really just don’t like it anymore and probably won’t wear it again.

I also threw away any items that were damaged – small rips, or stains, or just weird stuff from unfortunate laundry incidents. Now, why these were even still in the closet, knowing that they were damaged, I don’t know. Other than the fact that I suck at getting rid of stuff on a regular basis, as you may have picked up on by now.

I’m only about 2/3 of the way through. I finished the racks and shelves, and sorta started on the closet floor, then wandered off to do some other things, then got distracted. (don’t judge) I’ll finish up tomorrow and post the final pics – but for now, look how far I’ve come!

Look at all the empty hangers! I really have very few clothes now. Granted, anything I’ve worn in the past week is still down in the laundry room, because we’re those people who don’t put clothes away regularly. But otherwise – I may need some new wardrobe fillers. I have so far filled up 7.5 large trash bags with donation items, and I have no idea what I’ll find on the closet floor. It’s truly a mystery to me.

If you don’t see a post from me tomorrow, then the closet won.


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