On the road: Staunton

*picture by me

I told you about our trip to the mountains for Valentine’s Day (yay!)…while we were there, we did take a trip in to Staunton, VA for some sightseeing. Staunton is a very pretty town and we spent most of the afternoon in the historic downtown district, as seen above. Because it was Sunday, and not tourist season, a lot of the cute little shops were closed. But they looked precious when we peeked in! We had a really nice lunch at a little restaurant called Under the Clock Tower which is located — can anyone guess? Under this clock tower:

*picture by me

We were the only customers in there, which was kinda awesome. The food was really yummy and they were really friendly, so I recommend it next time you’re in Staunton! Speaking of that, I do want to share the two shops that were open..and get this, this pertains to my to-do list! Yes! We hit a few antique shops – so cute – so let me tell you about them! Okay!

First was 17 East Beverley Antiques. This was a really nice shop – like, fancy antiques. They had all sorts of furniture, jewelry, home decor, clothing, and so much more. They had a few really awesome vintage suitcases, for pretty reasonable prices, but I didn’t buy any. I kind of regret that. We actually didn’t buy anything here, but there were some things I would have loved to pick up!

There was also a room with tons of vintage pin up art – so awesome! These were the real deal items, though, so they were not cheap by any means. If they had been, you know, like $5 a piece…oh, we would have wiped them out. 🙂 But they were not, so we just drooled over them a bit and then went on our way.

After we left 17, we went wandering around the rest of the town. We happened to glance down a side road and saw an Antiques sign that seemed to be pointing down an alley. So we gave it a shot…and I am so glad we did! While 17 Antiques was nice and neat and orderly, this place was a big jumble of stuff and kind of dirty…which I really kind of prefer when I’m hunting for cool old stuff. This was Frontier’s Antiques, owned by a very, very nice man who was more than accommodating.

That’s Mr. Glover. He had some great architectural salvage in the alley, and then he opened up two massive rooms for us to explore. One was full of glass and china and bottles and cabinets and baskets and on and on and on. The other was mostly furniture, and some really nice pieces, too. He was wonderful with his prices, and more than willing to bargain a little, which was fun. 🙂 We did spend a little bit of money with him and got some things I’m really excited about…but that’s gonna be a separate post. I also just realized that I didn’t take any pics of the furniture items…for shame. Either way, next time you’re in Staunton, please be sure to stop by Frontier’s Antiques on Central Avenue, and plan to spend an hour or so combing through all sorts of treasures.


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