On the road: Steeles Tavern

Mr. and I headed up to the Virginia mountains for Valentine weekend, and instead of a hotel, we opted for a cabin. Best decision ever. We found some cute little cabins at Alpine Hideaway and booked the Pond View Cottage. This place was SO adorable – just right for two people, with a super comfy living room and a luxurious bed piled high with pillows (which I love!). The website makes a point to say that this cabin is not secluded…but we still felt like we were tucked away from the world!

Be sure to check out the links above for some great pictures of the cabin – they’re much better than mine. I will share this one, from when we first arrived — the cabin owners had the little teddy bear and balloon waiting for us, along with a little box of Godiva chocolates and a really sweet Valentine book.

There were lots of little surprises around the cabin, really just in how well it was stocked. Things were labeled, very helpfully…there was a binder full of menus from local restaurants…everything you needed to get a fire going…lots of little sample-sized goodies…and it was all just so clean and cozy and so thoughtfully decorated. We could have stayed for a whole week.

The cabins are located in Steeles Tavern, VA – about midway between Lexington and Staunton, so there are plenty of places to explore. Plus, if you like driving like we do, it’s lovely to just cruise around the area to enjoy the scenery – rolling hills, lots of farmland and cows, the mountains not too far off in the distance. Beautiful!

If you’re looking for a getaway, I’d absolutely recommend Alpine Hideaway. It’s a gorgeous location, they’re very focused on giving you an amazing experience, and it’s so much sweeter than a hotel or even a B&B because you truly get your own little corner of peace and quiet.


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