DeClutter Thursday

Apparently, my kitchen is clutter central for now. This week’s decluttering is 2 more trouble spots in the kitchen: the top of the refrigerator and the top of the microwave. [insert dramatic music]

Both places are total catch-all spots..and really, this may be more of a “clean up your stuff” than a decluttering, in the truest sense…but it’s all the same family, I say. So, I pulled everything down..was able to relocate some stuff, which was good…and then threw lots of other things away. So much nicer now!

Yay! Having the bigger baskets on the microwave should be helpful, too – we use that spot for the dogs’ medicines (yes, plural on both accounts) and for their treats. The deeper baskets will hide some of that necessary clutter. AND, the bonus to this week’s decluttering – look what I found buried in a basket!

YES. I did toss the pixie sticks, but the Pop Rocks? THE POP ROCKS STAY.

Speaking of candy, V Day is just around the corner. How about some of these for your sweetie?

*images and recipes via Bakerella

*image and recipe via The Naptime Chef

*image and recipe via The Busty Baker


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