DeClutter Thursday

I apologize in advance for these pictures. Not that my pictures are generally super awesome, but these are pretty bad. They still serve their purpose, but I apologize to anyone whose artistic sensibilities I offend.

It was an easy decluttering this week – and actually, we (Mr. helped) did the actual decluttering this past weekend. We’ve got a SuperBowl/birthday party (for Mr.) this weekend, so our focus is all on cleaning, food prep, and OMG GO STEELERS!

We took a few minutes to clean up the shelves over our stove. Another catch-all place, there was just all sorts of stuff that had gotten thrown up there:

Not the worst of my spaces, clearly, but it needed help. Funnily enough – if you recall that I don’t cook – that huge double stack in the bottom right corner is made up entirely of cookbooks and recipe cards. Seriously. If I ever decide to cook, I should be set.

We pulled everything down, threw quite a bit away, relocated some other things…and ta da:

The silver train: that’s a really cute bar set that my friend Deb gave me years ago. It’s all sorts of bar utensils rolled into one – the front of the train is the cocktail mixer…the middle car is actually a small ice bucket…the last car houses 2 glasses…plus there’s a strainer and a few other tools that I don’t even understand. I am not much of a drinker, but have always loved bars and bar accessories! So yay for the bar train that you can actually see once again!

That’s it for this week’s decluttering…but speaking of bars, just for fun, here are some awesome ones!

An old ammunitions case!

*image via Apartment Therapy

So chic!

*image via Absolutely Beautiful Things

*image via The Glamourai

I like the simplicity of this one.

*image via Everything Fabulous

I like how casual and effortless this one seems – makes it totally metro-glam.

*image via La Dolce Vita


*image via The Kitchn

Cheers! Go, Steelers!


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