Look what I made!

So, it has occurred to me that so far, I’ve blogged very little of the things that are actually on my to-do list. I haven’t forgotten about all those things – I’m just a slow starter. I did receive my pom pom makers from Amazon, though, so hopefully I can get all crafty up in here in the near future (for this project). I also spent some time getting my bake on recently – I have a ton of recipes that I’ve filed away to try out, so I’m starting to work through those! This week, I made Brookies. Those are brownie cookies. Brownies + cookies = brookies. I did not name them.

You can find the full recipe over at A Baked Creation, along with prettier pictures. Here’s how it went for me:

I was pretty proud of myself for separating the ingredients as the recipe instructed; my usual MO is to  just dump it all into the same bowl and deal with the consequences. Yay for following directions! The batter goes into the freezer for a short time, so that’s why it’s all poured into the pie plate above. And mmmm – cookie batter pie.

After it comes out of the freezer, it’s time for the scoop. I’ve never really used the scoop for cookies, and I definitely did not excel at uniformity with my scoops, but it served its purpose. Scoop ’em out, plop ’em down, then bake ’em!

I probably could have baked them for 1 minute less than I did. Lesson learned. They really did stay nice and soft inside, all brownie-like…they just got a little crunchy on the bottom. Very yummy, and awesome with a big tall glass of milk. I’ll probably try these again – pretty easy and quick to do, and definitely worth the effort! I got 2 dozen from the recipe – I had enough batter left for maybe 3 more cookies, but I didn’t feel like baking another sheet for just 3. Two dozen was good for us!

I made these on Friday, and I just ate the last one a bit ago. I miss them.


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