DeClutter Thursday

Ohhi! It’s that time again – this week’s declutter is a small one, and not very exciting. Way to sell it, right? Since I’m all about my kitchen lately, I decided to clear out my two upper kitchen cabinets. For only two people living here, we seem to have a ton of dishes, and enough coffee mugs for, like…a lot more people.

Here’s before:

The cabinet on the right really isn’t that cluttered, but it does have a lot of items that we never use. Like seriously never. Those little canisters on the top shelf? Those are really cute plastic utensils (what’s with me and plasticware?) that match a bunch of plastic plates and plastic cups that I have. Those utensils haven’t been opened in the approximately 12 years that I’ve had them. Three of the four sets of matching plastic cups hadn’t been opened either. So, as cute as it all is – it has to go. Likewise, I found a few little serving bowls that I had completely forgotten were in that cabinet. I have never used them in the 7 years we’ve lived here…nor in the 7 years we lived in our first house. So they have to go, too. I struggle with getting rid of cute, usable stuff – you know the thought process: “Oh, I haven’t used this in 15 years, but now that I remember that I have it, I can totally use it!” And then you repeat that same thought process 15 years later. Who’s with me?? So I tried really hard to be tough, and if something hadn’t been used in 5 or more years, it went!

Here’s where that got me:

I kept a few extra coffee mugs for when we might actually have more than two coffee drinkers in the house at one time. I also kept a few glasses/mugs with sentimental value: anything with the Steelers logo (go, Steelers!) has to stay, and Mr.’s senior class mug was in there – can’t throw that away. Although, if someone had asked “hey, do you still have your senior mug?”, we’d have both been like “iunno *shrug*”. However, NOW we know.

Still not exciting, but much more sensible! IF I was super awesome, these cabinets would get an interior decor overhaul with some nice bright paint color, and I would buy all new dishes and glasses that are totally cute and coordinate with each other. Someday.

Now, to spice up this post a little, I bring you pictures of awesome cabinets to which I aspire.

*image via Apartment Therapy

I love the sunny yellow!

*image via Habitually Chic

*image via Shine Creative

I love the look of glass-front cabinets – it’s so bright and airy. But wow, you’ve really gotta have control of your clutter to rock those!

*image via Donkee House

Clearly, the above statement applies to open shelving cabinets, too – there’s just something so cottage-y about them! ♥


One response to “DeClutter Thursday

  • Tracie

    OHHHH, see this is why we are friends. I have these fabulous plastic “beer” cups/glasses that I got for a house warming when we moved to Suffolk….they were never used. They moved here with us. I have almost decluttered them several times (OK maybe once a year). But ALAS they stay. They are so Cute! I think you just made room for them in your cabinet and they would be great for use at the pool!

    PS – open cabinets would also require dusting.

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