Someone’s in the kitchen…somewhere.

Last week, we talked about my  kitchen and “someday”. I’m gonna talk about that some more. As mentioned, there’s been very little updating to my kitchen over the years, and nothing has been done to it since we moved in. Here’s what we’ve got:

I feel the need to reiterate that this is what we moved into. I did NOT choose that color palette. Now, clearly, it needs help. It could be an amazing space with the help of an expensive professional – especially if we combined the kitchen and dining room into one big awesome space. But, with expensive professionals being, you know, expensive – I don’t see that happening. So, someday, I think we (Mr. and I) could do a basic re-vamp. New counters…paint/refinish the cabinets…switch the locations of the stove and refrigerator for a better flow…get a working dishwasher….add a few more wall cabinets…redo the color scheme to something more cheery and fresh. Time for some inspiration!

*image via Decorology

You really can’t beat crisp white finishes!

*image via Decorology

I’m on the fence about mirrored cabinet doors. It’s kinda fun…and would definitely bring lots of light to the room. I don’t know…intriguing.

*image via Decor8

I really like that soft grey-blue wall color.

*image via Decor8

Gah, those floors! ♥

*via Leslie Hoggatt on Pinterest

See, I think we could make our cabinets fun like these – fresh paint and fun hardware! Add some wood trim for the depth! I think if you describe it in short sentences and exclamation points, it makes it easier and more fun to do! Right!

While I was looking for inspiration, I came across this fun quiz at Stylish Home: Style Maker – it’s a visual quiz, and just takes a minute. Try it!

My style, apparently, is “Antiquated Espresso“. Who knew?


An intimate home of modest proportions. The “sit down” kitchen connects with family, friends and life style. Build a roaring fire and jump into your cozy bed. Connecting to the handcrafting of the artist, you sense a skill and some chance. Modern subtleties extend to your table. Afternoon caffeine breaks to change your point of view. Pre-war, upper east side attitude. A den of discussion for artists and intellectuals..

Suspected “Antiquated Espresso”

– Tom Waits
– Humphrey Bogart
– Kathryn Hepburn

What’s your style? Leave me a comment!


3 responses to “Someone’s in the kitchen…somewhere.

  • Heidi

    Here’s my test results. I’m not suprised by it, really. Details…

    A leaning toward the austere require neatness and order in your home. A kitchen that is purposeful and always intact. Hibiscus and an Ocean Breeze while you sleep. Blown away by the handcrafted nature of art. Thematic table accessories set the mood. Your 3rd coffee and just beginning to be productive. On cobbled streets, character abounds. Meeting all the requirements for a stylish home, commencement begins. .

    Suspected “Modern Eclectic”

    – Andy Warhol
    – Scarlett Johannson
    – Philip Seymour Hoffman

    • Tracie

      I think I may have failed this quiz…is that possible?

      Results: You most resemble a “Old Money Extravagance”.

      An intimate home of modest proportions. Your kitchen is your prize. Decorative, finished… elegant. A tailored bedroom rewards a hard day’s work. Art that definitely does not match the sofa. Enjoying elegant outdoor fare. Charge the mood with some enhancing refreshments. Pre-war, upper east side attitude. At the end of the day… you don’t take things too seriously..

      Suspected “Old Money Extravagance”

      – Winston Churchill
      – Anthony Hopkins
      – Greta Garbo

  • Deb

    Results: You most resemble a “Warehouse Chic”.

    An intimate home of modest proportions. A stainless workstation for culinary hobbies. A fantasy, the bedroom combines an invigorating mix of styles. Musical lyrics bring to mind life’s extraordinary events. Enjoying elegant outdoor fare. The tinkling glasses say cheers in the evening sun. Pre-war, upper east side attitude. Bookcases, reading nooks and private studies provide a learned atmosphere at home. .

    Suspected “Warehouse Chic”

    – Cameron Diaz
    – Tom Ford
    – Nicole Kidman

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