DeClutter Thursday: Wake up – Grab a brush and put a little makeup

Happy DeClutter Thursday!

Here’s something you should know about me: I rarely learn my lesson. I didn’t start decluttering today until about 3…which i KNEW was gonna be bad…but there ya have it. SO, this week’s decluttering will be another 2-parter. Hooray for to-be-continued!

*image via College Candy

I decided to tackle my dresser/makeup drawer this week. Now, back in the day and for years, I went into an office every day, Monday through Friday. So I wore makeup every day, Monday through Friday. I don’t do that any more, and haven’t for almost three years (the most awesome part of working from home). So, in general, all that makeup sat untouched. That brings us to today. WARNING: I am an avid baby powder user, and that stuff gets all over everything. Don’t judge.

Here’s what we’re dealing with:

That’s where all the stuff is housed, in the drawer or in the baskets or just out on the dresser. Here’s the complete catalogue of makeup:

Now, I know that I will have friends and readers who have more makeup than that – I’m not the worst makeup hoarder ever. BUT that is way too much makeup for someone who only uses it maybe 4-6 times a month…on a busy month. That’s probably too much makeup even for someone who wears it every day…but makeup is so pretty! It’s like candy for your face! I’ve never been an especially frilly girly-girl, but I still can’t resist the allure. I blame my mom (hi, Ma!) – she’s always had tons of makeup…she sold Mary Kay for years…and, of course, I’m pretty sure that there is a buy-makeup-because-it’s-pretty gene, and I can’t fight genetics.

For day 1 of this decluttering, I have gone through all that makeup and thrown out as much as my brain and vanity would allow. I think I did pretty well – I probably cut it down by about half. I was going to take a picture of my hand and forearm after I finished weeding out – it was covered in all sorts of colors where I was testing product. Girls, you know what I mean. But it just really didn’t translate digitally. Nor did my half-made up face from where I tested blush and lipstick. Just use your imagination.

And ta da!! Here’s what made the cut:

It’s probably still too much for someone who wears makeup as infrequently as I do, but now it’s more manageable. Therefore – once again – I WIN.

I still have to go through the hair products that are on the dresser, and just really scrub down the makeup drawer and dresser surface, then get everything reorganized and stowed away nicely and neatly. That will be tomorrow’s job, and I’ll post the final result then!

Not related, but fun – I found this picture when I was looking for something fun to include at the start of this blog post – a living Lichtenstein!

*image via McKalyn M on Pinterest


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