DeClutter Thursday II

Hiya. 🙂 I took it kinda easy with this week’s DeCluttering, primarily because I’m feeling lazy, and also because whew! I did not want to do another closet after last week! So I tackled the two kitchen drawers that get opened the most: the Utensil Drawer and the Other Drawer That Holds The Other Stuff That I Use Frequently. Prepare yourselves….this is before:

That’s a lot of stuff. I don’t even cook, so imagine if I did! I just went ahead and pulled it all out…threw away some things that were just so old and/or I knew I won’t ever use. Along the way I learned some things:

  • I didn’t need to buy a candy thermometer at Christmas because I already had one. Still in the package.
  • I had 3 more pairs of scissors than I realized.
  • I somehow have 3 apple corers.
  • We hold on to fast food straws like maniacs. We’ve clearly been burned too many times by the drive-thru window, so now we hoard every extra straw that comes our way.
  • I still love anything that is wee, but I am never going to have a legitimate need for a wee whisk.

  • I have no idea what this thing is:

I did take all the monster-sized grill utensils and move them to the overflow closet that I decluttered last week, but I put them in a handy basket and placed them on one of the empty that’s not counter-productive. So says me.

I grabbed some little narrow baskets that I had laying around and used them to help organize the Other Drawer. I also had to stick some of the rarely-used items in the backs of both drawers, but it’s still fairly neat and tidy. And, oh yeah, I kept all the straws…BUT they’re bundled up into a ziploc bag. Therefore, I still win.

Here’s after:

Now, if I was awesome like the Petersiks over at Young House Love (one of my daily favorites) then I would have stripped out the old shelf paper and put in some new and precious paper…or painted the inside..or something. I am not that awesome. I did give the drawers a thorough anti-bacterial scrub down, though. Maybe someday I’ll do the awesome thing, too.

And ta da! Another successful decluttering! Yay me! Speaking of clutter, I also saw a timely post over at Thrifty Decor Chick where she just decluttered her basement craft room. MAJOR work – that’s more of a DeClutter Week than a DeClutter Thursday…and she did a great job! It looks awesome, so be sure to check it out!


One response to “DeClutter Thursday II

  • Amisha March

    Loving Declutter Thursday! but I have to say there is always space for a wee whisk…how will you froth the top of your hot chocolate ;)or stick a wee bow on it and hang it on the wall 😀
    Thanks for the great links as well 😀

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