Self-realizations and snobbery

*via Country Living

So, I left the house for a while yesterday. <gasp> While I was out, I stopped at Michael’s – I was looking for a specific item for a craft project I want to try (up there in that pic), plus I was also looking around for some inspiration for anything crafty I could do. I left empty-handed. 😦 For one thing, my local Michael’s just isn’t that awesome, and they did not have the basic item I needed (I need a pom-pom maker). Secondly, I think I’ve decided that browsing at Michael’s is really only productive if you already have a project in mind..and, you know, some artistic talent. 🙂 Seeing as I had neither, I moved on.

Next was Pier 1. I LOVE Pier 1. I always have, and I’m pretty sure that I always will. However – and this was my interesting self-realization of the day – my level of snobbery has taken a weird turn that actually sort of excludes Pier 1. Weird. Here’s what happened: I was checking out clearance items, looking for more decor pieces that I can stow away in a closet with the rest of my decor purchases from the past 7 years (THERE’S a future blog post, my friends)…and it was like I would find a perfectly lovely vase or candle holder or whatnot, ranging anywhere from $15 to $30…and my mind immediately went to “hmph…I could probably find a similar item for $3 at a flea market or yard sale and then paint it/cover it/whatever it for a few more dollars and have the same item for half the price. Hmph.”

What. The. Hell. Where did that come from?

Is it because I’ve officially written down my To-do List for this blog, which clearly states that I wanna be a cool chick who finds amazing decor bargains at flea markets, yada yada? Is it because I’m currently unemployed, and although I’m still receiving severance pay, the value of a dollar has taken on a whole new meaning? What. The. ??

flea market vases *via KC Fox on Pinterest

I am in no way discounting Pier 1 as an awesome place to shop, and I will continue to shop there..and really, their prices are usually quite reasonable, and their sale prices can be phenomenal. But right now, the urge is really strong to try and come up with my own decorating items…maybe just to see if I can. SO…the to-do list has been reinforced…I’ll have to leave the house again at some point to put it into action. 😉

*via EverythingFab

**Interesting Pier 1 encounter: So, I’m wandering around, looking at everything, at a leisurely pace. Another customer, who I had passed by a few times already, suddenly comes toward me, and this is the exchange that followed:

Her: Hi, do you shop here all the time?

Me: Well, no, not all the time.

Her: Oh. Well, do you know if they have a restroom for customers? Or just one for the staff?

Me: [slight pause] I don’t know…but I think they probably do NOT have a public restroom.

Her: Oh, okay. Guess I’m done shopping then! [turns and leaves]

Me: *blink blink*


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