I win!

I conquered this week’s clutter! A day later than planned, but still…yay, me! Okay – prepare yourself…here’s where it all started (don’t judge me!):

I know, right? That’s 7 years of “oh, just throw that in the hall closet.” I filled up 4 big trash bags, which did not include the 75 pounds of Yellow Pages we had on the top shelf. I don’t know why. They did NOT make the final cut.

Along the way, I did find some fun stuff that I had completely forgotten about or just hadn’t seen since we moved in those 7 years ago. I re-discovered some pretty stuff, too – mostly wedding presents (from 15 years ago) that I will never part with, but are not really being used. I do want to remedy that, especially for things like this:

I LOVE glass. Anything glass, really: vases, dishes, pitchers, bottles – anything fancy or funky or just whatever. I. Love. Glass. I had forgotten all about some cute little things I found years ago at an antique store, and I was very very happy to see them again!

See, more glass. The little beer mug is about an inch high, and I can rarely resist anything that can be classified as ‘wee’. So, a cute wee glass thing? I’ll take it.

Okay – NOW, get ready for THIS:

I KNOW! I showed both sides since the closet is fairly wide – the pic on the left makes it look SUPER awesome, and the pic on the right shows that there is more stuff in there than you thought…but it’s still minimal and organized! I will also say this: I have no idea why we have 4 boxes of plastic cutlery, but we do. Primarily, I think we always buy more when we have a party, without checking to see if we still have enough leftover from the last party. But NOW we know exactly how much we have! We won’t buy plastic utensils for years!!

And those bags in the bottom of the closet? Those are used up candles. I know. BUT I have, in the past, melted old candles down to make new candles…and there’s, like, a 52% chance that I will do that again! So now that the candles pieces-parts are in bags and nicely tucked away, who can it hurt to keep them??

I do have one small box of random stuff that Mr. and I need to go thru together, and I’ll probably pick up some dollar store baskets to store those random odds & ends, rather than have them rolling around on the shelves. All in all, though, I am proud of my first De-clutter Thursday venture! Next week’s de-clutter plan: a drawer. Definitely just a drawer.


7 responses to “I win!

  • Tracy Rubble

    Well done, that look so much cleaner!

    These posts are already inspiring me to give this a go in RL.

    Can’t wait for the next one x

  • Kathy D

    Totally loving the blog…you are inspiring me to get to work on all the clutter in my basement…it’s frightening down there!

  • Deb

    Please tell me its just a coincidence that one candle in the middle looks like a penis. And promise me that when you write your life story that at least one chapter will be called 3, 2, 1: Cozies, Nerf Footballs, New Testament

  • Tracie

    When I looked at the before picture I thought, “she could use all those candles to make new candles” as listed on the to-do list! I was pleased to see that you didn’t toss them! I need some help de-cluttering t-shirts and old clothes. Can you help me with that? Keep this up and you may have a new job….

  • DeClutter Thursday « To-do List

    […] little canisters on the top shelf? Those are really cute plastic utensils (what’s with me and plasticware?) that match a bunch of plastic plates and plastic cups that I have. Those utensils haven’t […]

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