Round 1 goes to Clutter

Alright. First lesson learned about De-Clutter Thursday: start early.

I did not start my de-cluttering until about 3:00 this afternoon…I made it about 1/4 of the way through and then threw in the towel. SO, De-Clutter Thursday this week will become “De-Clutter Thursday/Friday/and hopefully not also Saturday but who can say”.

My project this week is the downstairs hall closet [dramatic music] – this is the catch-all of anything and everything. I’ll save the ‘before’ picture until I have an ‘after’ pic to share as well…but for now, check out this cool stuff I forgot (or didn’t even know) that I had!

I’m keeping 2 out of these 3 things. 🙂

Clutter – 1; Leslie – 0.

Until tomorrow!


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