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Hi there, to the four of you who still check here for updates. :) I have no great excuse or reason for not updating in so long. I haven’t been especially busy…I haven’t been out of town…I’ve pretty much just been here like same old, same old. What can ya do?

I can tell you some of the stuff I’m sort of getting up to, as I try to get back in the habit of posting on a regular basis. I have been baking more — but not documenting any of it — until the other day, when I made some awesome cupcakes. OR DID I? I’ll share soon enough. :)

Mister and I have also been making plans for some house renovation; specifically we want to re-do the kitchen and both bathrooms. When I say “making plans”, of course, I mean “talking about it a lot without actually taking any real action or making any real progress”. We’ve got some summer parties coming up in July, so renovations will need to wait until after…so we’ll continue talking and thinking and stuff.

Speaking of parties, we do have the July 4th party just around the corner, so I’ve been making plans and preparations for that. ALSO, I turn 40 – FORTY – at the end of July, and I’m already working on plans for that party, too. The last big birthday party I had was for my 30th – we made it like a kids’ party with cotton candy, snow cones, a popcorn machine, AND A BOUNCY HOUSE. Really. As awesome as that was, I learned that 30-somethings just can’t handle the bouncy house, at least not for more than approximately 4 minutes at a time. So this year, I wanna go big, but I also wanna go less aerobically intensive. It’s just smart thinking.

I’ve got more random bits of info to share, and I’ll try to do that over the next few weeks, if you wanna stick around. :) I did (finally) manage a Musical Monday yesterday, so I hope you saw that.

Talk soon! ♥

Steal, Deal, or Splurge

If you’re not familiar with Joss & Main, I say you need to be. It’s one of those “members only” shopping sites, completely dedicated to home and garden stuff. They have new limited-time deals posted every day, and you can find some really great prices sometimes. (If you’re cheap like me, it may be rare to find deals in your price range, but it never hurts to look!) It’s free to join, so really, who’s it gonna hurt?

If you wanna join, feel free to sign up via my link – right here – it’s fun and free, what’s better than that??

The reason I mention all this is that one of today’s sales is something Joss & Main is calling “Steals, Deals & Splurges” where they list 3 versions of a similar item….one high dollar, one medium dollar, and one low(er) dollar. I like it!

Oohh…I dig all of those cabinets!

The Thornhill End Table for just $115? I could get on board with that.

LOVE all three of those tables, and the Uptown is so glam and lovely for only $126!!

As you can see, there are limited quantities on the items, so when you see something you like, it’s best to move fast! This particular sale just started today, and it’s open for 3 days. So sign up! Now! Buy stuff and get great deals!!

Joss & Main sign up!

Candy for your (my) eyes.

Sometimes I just like to look at pretty pictures without any theme or goal in mind. Thank you, Pinterest.

Check out my Pinterest boards right here!

[insert chorus of angels]

Mister gave me an early Christmas gift:

Okay, maybe I added the sparkles in Photoshop, but still, that’s what it was like when I pulled this out of the box and plopped it – ever so gently – on my counter. It may be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

Oh, you’ll be seeing more of this bad boy. WAIT FOR IT.

Side note: lesson learned and a sneak peek (oh my).

Hi! So, remember a few weeks ago when I made the little lumps of dough with sugar on top, and I was all puzzled about what went wrong? Well, the next weekend, I tried to make a chocolate cola cake, and it came out all dense and stuff. What the – ? I mean, it didn’t taste bad, but it really couldn’t be classified as cake…so I sent it off to Mister’s office, where I’m told they enjoyed the chocolate fudge. They don’t need to know.

Anyway…when that happened, it was suggested that I check my baking powder’s expiration date…which seemed silly since I did that mass decluttering a few months ago and threw away everything that had expired…or did I??? [dramatic music] Answer: I did not. It turns out that my baking powder was a bit past its prime. I won’t tell you how far past…just know that you would be all “whaaa?? gurrrrlll” if you knew.

So – I bought new baking powder. Yay  me!! I made those cinnamon sugar donut muffins again, and OHMYGOODNESS they were so good! Light and fluffy and scrumptious! Lesson learned: eventually, baking powder gives up. (Feel free to quote me on that.) I took pics to show you…but they were all blurry…which I didn’t realize until the muffins were long gone. So imagine something like the first time, but way way better. \o/

Also, I do have another project in-progress, but it’s taking longer than my first table did. At this point I’m just waiting on supplies that I’ve ordered, and then I should be able to wrap it up quickly. Here’s the teaser for where I started:

Ooooohhhhhhh. Right? More soon, hopefully!

And, just because this post has been very light on pics, I leave you with this:

Side note.

Remember my never-ending quest for a living room rug? Well, there is no end in sight, and here’s why:

That’s Janie. She’s new. :) She came to live with us about 4 weeks ago, and she’s actually pretty good for still being a puppy. She’s more about hoarding things – like my t shirts and Mister’s socks – than destroying things, which I appreciate. Still, I think we need to wait a while before buying a rug, just in case a new rug is exactly what she’s been looking for to get started on her teenage phase of destruction. So – we wait.

We found Janie through my friend Molly who is very involved with dog rescues and fostering and finding homes for the dogs…all of which I think is so so so awesome. What is also so so so awesome (segue) is that Molly makes soaps. Handmade soaps! That’s on my to-do list!! And she’s doing it!! Her company is Salt Water Soap Company, based here in the Hampton Roads area of  Virginia. I got to check out her work room – which was probably the neatest, tidiest workroom in the history of ever – and she showed me all her cool soap tools and talked me through the basic process. I still haven’t tried it myself, but I will. OH I WILL.

She also sent me home with a bar or two…part of her quest to get me hooked, which I respect. I came home with a bar of Frangipani and a bar of Lemon Verbena, both so delicious to my nose!

I love the packaging she uses!! Molly has about a dozen fragrances, I think, all wonderful and natural. There’s an Etsy shop with just a few fragrances available, and if you’re a local reader, Molly is participating in lots of festivals and fairs and whatnot this fall. She’ll be at the Waterways Heritage Festival this weekend, at  Great Bridge Lock Park – you should stop by!

Follow Salt Water Soap Co on Facebook, too!

I ♥ the FedEx guy.

Look what came for me today!

New paint!!!!

Shades of Amber has a fall special right now - 2 quarts AND a 4 ounce sample pot. That’s Graphite and Aubusson Blue in the quarts, and then Aries is the pretty yellow sample. I have no idea what I’ll paint with these, but yay new colors!!

Oh, and I just ordered these on Sunday and they were delivered today – not bad!

Keep Calm.

If you frequent the internet — and I think you do — then I know you’ve seen this poster:

This is a lovely sentiment all on its own, but it also has a really interesting history, which you can read here. What’s even more fun are all the derivatives that it’s spawned in recent years. Some of my favorites:

Good advice, all of them.

When worlds collide.

Some of my readers will be aware of this…some will not…as a hobby/small side business, I create 3d virtual content for an online virtual world/community. Specifically, I create furniture and decor items, since clearly that’s what I love the most. I don’t have any intention of using this blog to share or promote my virtual creations, BUT I stumbled across something the other day that was funny and awesome all at the same time, and to share that with you, I had to explain about the hobby. So now I’ve done that, all vague-like. :)

Here’s the funny thing: I was searching around for inspiration pics of mid-century modern furniture and decor. One of the items that came up on Google Images took me to a random blog post about gossip benches. I love gossip benches!! In fact, I created some a few years ago for my virtual business. This particular blog post was a round-up of gossip bench images from all over the web…and as I was scrolling through, BAM! There were my virtual gossip benches, mixed in with a bunch of, you know, real gossip benches.

Yeah – those are mine. I feel like it’s pretty obvious that they’re…well, cartoon furniture, for lack of a better description. I’m sure the blog author found the pic on my other blog that is dedicated to virtual content…but I just giggle that they included these in their post! You can see the whole post here – they have a lot of great examples of (real) gossip benches…with just a little bit of pretend mixed in. ;)

Since we’re talking about gossip benches…ooh, I love these!

*image via Magdeline Oldmixon

*image via Apartment Therapy

DeClutter Thursday

I apologize in advance for these pictures. Not that my pictures are generally super awesome, but these are pretty bad. They still serve their purpose, but I apologize to anyone whose artistic sensibilities I offend.

It was an easy decluttering this week – and actually, we (Mr. helped) did the actual decluttering this past weekend. We’ve got a SuperBowl/birthday party (for Mr.) this weekend, so our focus is all on cleaning, food prep, and OMG GO STEELERS!

We took a few minutes to clean up the shelves over our stove. Another catch-all place, there was just all sorts of stuff that had gotten thrown up there:

Not the worst of my spaces, clearly, but it needed help. Funnily enough – if you recall that I don’t cook – that huge double stack in the bottom right corner is made up entirely of cookbooks and recipe cards. Seriously. If I ever decide to cook, I should be set.

We pulled everything down, threw quite a bit away, relocated some other things…and ta da:

The silver train: that’s a really cute bar set that my friend Deb gave me years ago. It’s all sorts of bar utensils rolled into one – the front of the train is the cocktail mixer…the middle car is actually a small ice bucket…the last car houses 2 glasses…plus there’s a strainer and a few other tools that I don’t even understand. I am not much of a drinker, but have always loved bars and bar accessories! So yay for the bar train that you can actually see once again!

That’s it for this week’s decluttering…but speaking of bars, just for fun, here are some awesome ones!

An old ammunitions case!

*image via Apartment Therapy

So chic!

*image via Absolutely Beautiful Things

*image via The Glamourai

I like the simplicity of this one.

*image via Everything Fabulous

I like how casual and effortless this one seems – makes it totally metro-glam.

*image via La Dolce Vita


*image via The Kitchn

Cheers! Go, Steelers!


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